Ad blocking is not theft

Theft is the ad blockers taking my bandwidth WITHOUT my consent! If they asked me for ads, I wouldn’t accept them anyway. That’s not what marketing firms want to hear, so what do they do? They try to start a war on ad blockers and making you the public think that it is their God given right to force ads when you browse the internet.

For years I used ad block plus on Firefox and Chrome. I find the experience to be faster without ads. When I browse the internet on other computers (or my phone) I find the world is quite different. What spurs the rage in consumers is that marketing folk think they own our eyes, and computers.

Staying true to this being about my opinions I here by declare that Harry Kargman (Kargo ceo) is an idiot who is spouting drone marketing non-sense crap about how ad-blocking is “… stealing. It’s no different than ripping music. It’s no different than pirating movies.” (TechCrunch, What We Talk About When We Talk About Ad Blocking) Well, Mr Kargman, you can kiss the internets collective ass on that statement. Ripping music is legal, and ethical, I have the right to maintain a backup copy. Sure downloading movies is a little more of a gray area, uploading those movies is illegal.

The advertising industry should get over itself. Ad blocking will never go away, and will ALWAYS be ethical. Control of what displays on my computer is up to me, not you. Find some other way to make money.

All hail the influx of ad-blockers!



David Lundgren

Web Developer and Systems Administrator. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI.