2 Days no update

I did again, I didn’t keep it updated as often as I want to, It Just Happens That Way. So does life. And Mindi Abair I have to come realize is one of my favorite and most respected Saxophonist’s that I have in my collection. She ranks right up there with Dave Koz, John Coltrane (who is in a league of his own), Kenny G (His live performances are my faves), David Sanborn, Jeff Kashiwa, and a few others I can’t think of right now. She is gifted with making you want to become more of the song than you though possible. She just gets right on up there, and paints the picture in your mind, using a what I consider to be a unique blend of “Pop, Smooth Jazz, and a little bit of Rock” (Jazz Reviews Interview with Mindi Abair). Needless to say I love her music, and the one song that stuck out in my mind Instantly as being my favourite on the album was As Good As It Gets, but I find it hard to believe that this will be as good as it gets from Mindi.

I have come down with some flu/cold thingie, so I am going to keep this a little short, since I still have to go read some stuff for class tomorrow.

[Listening to: As Good As It Gets – Mindi Abair – It Just Happens That way (5:09)]


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