Review: Mindi Abair’s "Come As You Are"

With the advent of Minidi’s new cd “Come As You Are” we see a woman who has grown into her music, and not afraid of experimenting with something different. As with her last album, “It Just Happens That Way”, the first song starts off with how the rest of the CD will go. This time around she choose to go slow, making it feel like a lazy Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer.

She sings for us three times, each with a beautiful voice that captures the heavens and ruptures the walls around our hearts. A cross between Jessica Simpson, and Britney Spears, Mindi’s voice is powerful, and sweet. Singing ballads reminiscent of the pop love songs from boybands to the girls. She keeps her voice in a range that doesn’t make you want to cringe in fear.

Her voice aside, her primary strength is still with her saxophone skills. Each note is skillfully played out to its unfortunate conclusion, because all you want is more of her. By the end of the cd you are left wanting to sit back and relax, and put it on for another listen. But just as “Cyan” comes to a close and you expect it to be over until the next time… Mindi comes rocking back out with a hidden “jam” session on the cd. As “Cyan” is only labeled at about three and half minutes, its full length is ten minutes. Here you get to Minid, and her band just let loose, and play.

Overall “Come As You Are” is a beautiful collection of Mindi’s work showing off what I believe is a softer side of her musical genius. If “It Just Happens That Way” was fast paced, and action packed, “Come As You Are” is its opposite, laid back, and loving. I would have to recommend not only “Come As You Are” but her first album to anyone wanting to listen to who will undoubtedly become a Jazz Goddess.


David Lundgren

Web Developer and Systems Administrator. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI.