Prussian Blue (white supremecy, and the idiots they represent)

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First, I need to not watch political commentaries or idiots on TV.

Second, the message that these girls spread is the best part about America. Not the message itself but the simple fact that they can have their own views.

Now that being said, I was watching “ABC Primetime:The Outsiders” on ABC, and they are on which is what sparked this comment. Needless to say the two girls, and white supremecists in general are idiots that hold the moronically stupid view that hitler was a smart and great person. If he were smart he would not have lost, he lacked proper execution of his plan and then lost control of his forces. If he were great then we would have a smarter following of people in the academic circles. (Considering the way the country responded to marijuana and Mexicans using it, I think the political world has more followers of nazism.)

My main reason for hating hitler and his party is the fact that he perverted the works of Nietzsche, and the swastika. Go here for more info on Nietzsche, For more info on the swastika checkout I was introduced to the Norse version (Thor’s Hammer) while I was reading up on Norse mythology, and the German version (sun cross) while doing som research on Thor’s Hammer back in 1998. I was introduced to Nietzsche’s philosophical style sometime in 2001-2002 during a philosophy course at which point I ended up reading “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” About a year later I decided to research Nietzsche a little more and I came across some of the nazi’s and hitler’s perversions. Though the links I had were lost during a harddrive failure, I am still rather sore as to the fact that Nietzsche’s work was perverted in such a way.

Needless to say I originally wanted laws that would ban hate speech, much like Germany and France have against nazi propaganda but then realized that in order to maintain my freedom of speech I also have to maintain theirs, REGARDLESS of how much I dislike, hate, despise the messages they have. The only way to fight it is to not be ignorant. Then again I am an idealist and have leanings towards social democracy, As much as I support capitalism, which is VERY, VERY little right now, it needs to be regulated in ways that our current “elite” don’t like.

Hate or love me for these views, this is just here for me to rant and rave since I am too lazy to get my own website up and going.

P.S. – i do not capitalize nazi or hitler for the exact reason that it shows disrespect for them. If you have a problem with this, take it up with hitler and the nazi’s.


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