Originally when I made this log of my thoughts it was designed to be used as a way for me to get some of the data the computer lab at FSU so that I could print. If my Canon i80 wasn’t out of ink then the print head was screwed up, and I haven’t tried it since I moved from FSU. Not only that I had a helluva time finding cups ppd’s for it for my laptop, which was (and still is) FreeBSD.

So I figured that since I have this logging utility, and I have thoughts that vary from day to day. If I am feeling in the mood then I will post here instead of on gayspace. I hope to one day move to a different web logging utility , either wordpress or drupal (yes I know it is a web logging utility perse but I could use for other things as well).

Work has been enjoyable, albeit a little stressful at times. You forget how many rely on the internet until all of a sudden a fiber line gets cut that you don’t about. It reminded me of the time on Kaua’i when some idiot in Honolulu cut the Fiber coming to Kaua’i, that was fun. However, I was able to draw on my cisco experience to force our gateway out of the other internet connection we had. It is a good thing that we linked some of T1’s between sites.

But it is time to pay some bills and then get some more work done, deadlines make life interesting.

I did take the time today, the first time in a long time, to bust out my sax. I need to order some polishing clothes and give it some TLC every 2 weeks, to keep it in working order. Check the gallery, I should have a pic up of it up there somewhere.


David Lundgren

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