The Meaning of Music (According to Me)

Music is to me the essence of life. It is the ultimate in creative release, and provides the moodiest, most colorful personal expression that can be found. Through out my life I have lived with music, either in the form of recordings, or in my own informal, oft amateurish, renditions of songs. Being a musician I have been able to show the sad, and happy, parts of my life. Jazz is to me the ultimate being of music, its flow and ebb, the stark contrastness of how part of a song can be the perfect romance, yet in a few short moment it turns itself into the hurricane which ravages ones soul. It is hard to describe to those unfamiliar with feeling the music. When playing a song that is written out you are a performer, all those classicals and yet even those that try to put their heart and soul into, they are still only performers.

Those that improvise, they are the true life and blood of music, for without them the songs would play the same everytime. It is their release of thoughts and emotions that show the world not only who they really are, but how they are. The pure energy that is their nature shows through, retaliating against those that would oppress it, and through that action they allow us to understand them just a little more. I do not mean to demean the performers, for without them we would not have alot of the music that we have today.

The flood of thoughts running through my head makes it hard to truly capture what music is to me. I have used it as a release of tension in my own life. There is something about taking the saxophone and just wailing on it, like I am shouting to the entire world “I am here, and you will listen to what I have to say!”. It is liberating to the soul to let out that expressiveness. When I get the urge to play I find that music is the one outlet that allows me the freedom I need. (A second thought on the freedom of music, it is cheaper than painting!)


David Lundgren

Web Developer and Systems Administrator. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI.