I will use this blog as a place to jot down my ideas, feelings, and weirdly, radical, and otherwise crazy thoughts. SO to begin I will talk about school. It was cool, I went to my c programming class and I realized that even though I knew everything the teacher was talking about I was absolutely energized by the class, it had a life of its own. I got to the class about “writing about music”, and that class is going to be fun as well, (check the ENC1145 section) for my blogs for that class, and had fun in it as well. I enjoy music, so talking about it is only natural. The last class was Intro to Criminal Justice, it was okay, and as the prof said, “we will be discussing what is in the book”, he wasn’t kidding. Literally everything on his slides were out of the book, there were a few exceptions, but over all it helped to reinforce what I read.

Some how I have this problem with reading textbooks, they are boring. So I tend to have a hard time remembering what I read, even if I WANT to read them. Going to class makes it easier. Although I would much rather be sitting at home watching TV, and working on the computer, the apartment complex is having a hard time with their internet so I am writing this from the student lounge on the 2nd floor of the student union, which has become my home away from home. Free wireless access is a blessing… now I just have to find an outlet in one of these lounges to plug the power into.

Well, that was my Thursday, today’s Friday may not be all that great, I am headed off to watch “The Day After Tomorrow” at the Student Theater. YAY for free movies! Next week is Troy (which was a good movie to begin with) Needless to say I am getting hungry for lunch, and I need to eat something. I have found that if I eat right, and excercise daily, which isn’t a problem with classes being on the other side of campus from the apartment, I can lose me some weight this year. I hope it works out, if it does I will try to stay at the same place next year, and make that as close to my permanent address that I can.

Till the next time I decide to write, which will be sunday sometime hopefully, or even monday. cause the Lounge is closed tomorrow for a concert from 4-11, which I will be attending as well.


David Lundgren

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