The blog

Okay, I switched the blogging software for It doesn’t multiple blogs as of yet, but I don’t care. This is about My Opinions!!!!! The one I was using Plog, couldn’t group the dates together like bBlog can. So I had to switch. I might change to another blogging solution later on, if I don’t end up doing some development for this one first.

I watched “Akira” for the first time tonight, it was an awesome movie (anime). Unfortunately I didn’t get around to seeing “The Day After Tomorrow”, I got caught up watching the Stargate series, yes I am a fan. Oh well, life happens.

Lets hope I can keep this updated better. I have w.bloggar, but I don’t know if it works with bBlog, if not I guess I will have to write an xml-rpc server for bBlog.

They have the xml-rpc thingie… I didn’t look in the right place… woohoo!


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