Lets see if I can’t keep this thing updated at least once a day, I missed yesterdays cause I went to the Multicutural Film Class, I also went to the 1st Recitation for the CGS3408. I consider it a waste of time unless I need help. The smaller class size makes it easier to ask for help.

On a good note, I did go and watch “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”, I loved it! It was a funny movie, and at points rather ridiculous, but it was funny none-the-less. I would watch it again! “The Odyssey” brought to modern day times. The Coen Brothers were brillant, smart, and entertaining. George Clooney portrayed the character really well.

I went to BestBuy and managed to con myself into getting a 1000VA battery backup from APC. I set it to charge late last night, so the 24 hour period ends being when I go to bed tonight. *DOH* I still don’t have a monitor yet for the beast, but sometime soon, cause then I can watch tv on it as well.

Now I gotta setup my external HD (60GB) to handle some stuff, and I can’t wait until I get a monitor… I wanna get the newest FreeBSD installed, and test that SMP’ing power. Dual Athlons go a long way, lets also hope that dual 1.5’s and the G4 TI4600 can handle Doom3, when I get it.


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