Electoral College 2.0.0

I work in the technology industry, specifically writing and consuming code, that is more often than following SemVer. As such, my perspective is that blowing up the Electoral College is basically the beginning of the end for the USA. I don’t want to see that.

So I am going to propose an alternate solution, something I’ve been thinking about for a decade.

Electoral College 2.0.0

  1. Each state is worth one point;
  2. The popular vote in a state determines which candidate gets that one point;
  3. 50% + 1 is required to win;
  4. Ties will be decided by the overall popular vote;
  5. Should a tie of the popular vote occur, the State Legislatures get to choose.

Because this puts the power back in the hands of the States, we are reducing the burden our government has to deal with this. The States are already responsible for how voting works, how the electors in the current Electoral College are chosen and how their votes must be cast. We simply cannot afford to let the popular vote be the voice of all the States, as then only a few states will get to decide the presdency.

What does it take for Constitutional Reform?

  • 2/3’s of the States to call for a convention
  • 3/5’s of the States to ratify an amendment

Why should we consider this plan over abolishing the Electoral College?

I propose amending the system to start giving the States back their power. This country is a federation of states, it is up to the States to decide how it should be run.

It’s a similar enough system to the current Electoral College that many will say it’s no better. A step towards giving our States more power over themselves is always a good step.


David Lundgren

Web Developer and Systems Administrator. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI.