On the term “master” in software

The far left has decided that the term “master” when used to software is a micro-aggression against the Black Community that harkens back to the days of slavery. Short of being am immigrant from a country that still supports slavery, there is no one alive that has been a slave. At least not in terms that word slavery conjurs up of the the days before it was abolished.

Open your eyes to the truth. This is just as bad as the Code of Conduct crap that swept through the software community a few years before. If you open your hearts & minds to what other people offer, life is easier. Will some be offended by what you have to say, sure, but such is life.

Short of git itself changing the term master, I have no plans of doing so. That doesn’t make me a racist.


David Lundgren

Web Developer and Systems Administrator. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI.