I’m Back

Okay, This is the MyOpinions.net website for the time being, I will eventually get the rest of my old site up, or I might not. I might just keep this as my blog, and make sure that no one knows who I am so that I can’t get my ass kicked. I will be using profanity, so if you don’t like it go to another site. If you feel the need to comment, then do so, I ain’t going to listen those who say I shouldn’t swear, it doesn’t bother me if I do it or if someone else does it. The other other problem is that I may never read the comments. Unless it is for one of my class categories… which I do have one class that I will most likely use this blog for, I might use it to gripe about the rest of my classes though.

For the crazy people out there I will not be giving out my name, you can get my email address if you try hard enough. To those in my classes…. well, ya’ll got my email most likely… for those that don’t… talk to me in class. I get around 600 to 700 SPAM messages a day, and so I will not put my email here in the blog. I might create a page to email me later on…


David Lundgren

Web Developer and Systems Administrator. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI.