Sex In High School

Should kids (yes teenagers are kids!!!!) be having sex in high school?

No. I don’t care if it “feels good”, “others are doing it” or what not. Procreation is what sex is for. But kids today are using it as another tool for neglecting their bodies.

Here is my solution:

  1. No contraceptives given to kids in high school;
  2. No condoms given to kids in high school;
  3. Sex Education in school should include abortion, and the emotional aspects of having sex.

My reason for no contraceptives, if they have sex, there are 2 choices available, have the child, or get an abortion. Both will emotionally tramatic for the girl. She should have learned how to say no! The reason for no condoms, well, think about it no way to really protect yourself from getting pregnant, granted parents will buy it for them, but then parents aren’t doing a real good job parenting are they. As for sex education everyone should know about abortion, and what it does. I am not Pro-Life, or Pro-Choice, I don’t care, It is a viable alternative for human erasure. POPULATION CONTROL.

On a side note to those above, STD’s and AID’s are also contractable. Whoever gets them without knowing their partner deserves to get them. Yes I am a cruel, heartless person, but this world is to liberal, and to conservative. I am in the middle, on alot of topics, but I am myself when it comes this sex stuff.

NO this has nothing to with whether or not I have had sex during highschool, if I did would it make a difference, if I didn’t would it make a difference? NOPE. Sex during college is different, the kids are now adults, and can make their own stupid decisions.

Rape is a special case, AND does not include a girl who is intoxicated having sex, then blaming the guy. Those laws are wrong, they put the responsibility on the guy, what about the girl. If a guy is intoxicated and has sex, he is responsible? Not all by himself he isn’t, the girl is also responsible. Lets get more equality, oh wait, all the women don’t be equal in that way. TO all those who think like that I give my finger, and say grow up. It is mutual responsibility, if she consented, and later regrets it, to bad.

This might be unintelligible, but it is how I view things, I may expand on some of these topics later on if there is enough cause to do so.


David Lundgren

Web Developer and Systems Administrator. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI.