I have a one track mind when it comes to my jazz music, the saxophone. While I primarily enjoy listening to artists that use the alto, but I will listen to any saxophonist. My playing of the alto sax is probably the main cause of why I am so insistent on buying sax albums. I will listen to the jazz artists and have listened to Keiko Matsui, and Yanni. Currently my favorites are Mindi Abair and Dave Koz. There is something about the saxophone though that allows more freedom for the musician. It is probably the same thing for those that play the trumpet.

I am a bit crazy about my jazz music though. I can get into any kind of jazz, heck, I’ll listen to classical, country, R&B, Pop, and most other genres. I don’t really care for rap, but I won’t go out of my way to not listen to it. Anything with a saxophone though instantly gets stored in my head so that later I can go find it and listen to it again.

I’ve owned two saxophones in my life, and I love them both, even with the first one needing to be restored. But that is what happens with old saxophones. The one event I am looking for to with certainty is September 14th. The release date of Mindi’s new album, I just hope that Borders doesn’t run out before I get there. They should make a Saxoholics Anonymous for people like me. Although there isn’t really anything wrong with loving the saxophone, it does tend to keep ones musical
tastes in a certain range.

The saxophone can play the melody, harmony, and has the best wailing features in the world. Take for instance the ability to dualtone the saxophone, it sounds better than it does on a trumpet. There is also the vibrato, hard to learn and do, but fun none the less. There are alot of other fun little sax tricks that make it a fun instrument i.e. the ability to growl through the horn and still maintain the notes.


David Lundgren

Web Developer and Systems Administrator. Currently residing in Milwaukee, WI.