Royal Properties in Tallahassee

Re-post from my MySpace blog

If you ever find yourself living in Tallahassee… DO NOT rent with Royal Properties. Yes their rates seem good, but the place has paper thin walls. I guess that is what I get for going cheap.

I am finally online again, after being down for close to 3 weeks. The apartment complex’s internet provider managed to have their “radio” link between buildings go down. 3 weeks later… “We have a fiber installation being scheduled” that was 2 weeks ago. The last call I got from Fusion Broadband… “Does your internet work?” They forgot to check their tickets updates… cause I had to ask “Has the fiber been installed yet?” They checked and noted that it hadn’t.

Come in Sprint DSL… adds an extra expense now, but it is well worth having an internet that works.

School starts again on Monday.

This will most likely by the first, and only blog I do here. Over the next few weeks I will have my website turned on. At which point I will post the link here.


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