Re-post from my MySpace blog

I finally changed the colors of myspace… a bit of a chore to be honest. At least I got those contact images background to be a better color for the bright blue text that are in them.

There will not be a background image. I despise them, they make things unreadable quite a bit. Yes I am picky, and yes I know these are “personal” spaces, but as a semi-web designer, backgrounds that make things unreadable are usually not acceptable. Since I like to read things I therefore will not use them, as I want others to be able to read my stuff, (i like to be vain).

I will not have videos or music either, they annoy the crap out of me, especially when I am watching TV, or listening to music, and then these other freaking songs come on and interfere. Not only that I tend to block as many as I can. Adblock for mozilla, if you install it, you will love it. It blocks ads… and I have whole sites blocked just because I don’t like dealing with ads, so comes adblock to the rescue. These are usually LARGE sites that blocked at their root levels, I have quite a few blocks that are directory specific, meaning that matter what domain if /ad/ is in the url it is blocked, or /ads/. TO all those webmasters that hate me now, I don’t care. It is my computer, and it does what *I* tell it to do, most of the times.

I have thus rambled enough and shall depart to make dinner.

mmmm…. spaghetti


David Lundgren

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