NYC Transit Strike

Re-post from my MySpace blog

Fuck Bloomberg (Mayor of NYC). He calls the strike illegal, and while the Taylor law prohibits strikes, I say the law itself is illegal. He calls the strikers as being morally reprehensible, and breaking their obligations to the people. If the people do not support the strikers then the strikers are not breaking their obligations. This may be the only way to keep a decent contract between the TWU and the MTA. They are not morally reprehensible, they just want to maintain some control over their work life, who can blame them. Not supporting the strikers is being morally reprehensible. Being unconscionable is NOT supporting the strikers. So mayor Bloomberg, I say FUCK OFF, fight a battle that where you are in the right. All this move does is prove how we are moving in a FASCIST direction in this country, especially after president Bush’s brilliant idea of acting illegally, and unconstitutionally, in the wire taps that were allowed to happen without a court order. (Anti-terrorist it could have been, BUT he has a duty to the CONSTITUTION, and the president IS NOT above the law, or the constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights)

Okay, I am going crazy cause it is so cold. We all know that I right, so there is no need to think or say otherwise. I have said my peace for now, I was just pissed at Bloomberg for being so fascist and arrogant.


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